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ImageThe La Salle Learning Centre was established in 1984 by Brother John D Cruz FSC who felt a need to offer an alternative methodology of learning to children unable to cope with the formal school system, many of whom continue to be labeled as 'under-achievers', 'slow learners' or 'failures'. One clear symptom of this complex problem is seen when they drop out of school at an early age.                                              
The Learning Centre promotes an environment and opportunities for the young to grow fully in total human development. Through careful facilitation and purposeful process, learners at the centre:- understand that their learning is a personal choic
- take responsibility for their own learning- learn to apply their skills
- learn to be responsible for the choices they make
- appreciate that they can take control of their lives and lifelong learning
- understand values such as sharing, cooperation, truthfulness and love
ImageAt the Centre, the learning process emphasizes acquiring both Basic Learning Skills and Enrichment Skills. 
The Centre focuses on the educationally and socio-economically deprived, particularly children from poor families, children with high incidence of “red marks” in their academic studies and children from care centres and children residential homes.

The Centre’s methodology of learning has now spread to and is being applied in at least sixteen other learning centres in Peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and East Malaysia. Largely through networking, common reflection sessions and an annual seminar, this movement continues to consolidate itself.The Centre has now trained a number of lay people who are capable of running and training others who are interested to run such centres.
ImageThe long experience with learners with ' different ' learning styles is now the foundation for an equally important approach with adult learners. For the past 8 years the La Salle Learning Centre has been initiating a number of development programmes that have focused on parents, teachers, leaders from religious groups and non governmental organisations, and interested individuals from government agencies and the corporate sector. These programmes and processes that are now well consolidated include, among others: facilitation for human development, developing a civil society, community building, conflict resolutions etc.

Children undertaking commitment in "Learning how to learn" processes do not pay a fee though parents and guardians sometime make their contributions. Therefore, it depends heavily on the public’s generosities to defray all operating expenses though the La Salle Brothers provided the fundings in its initial stages of development.

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