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Shared-Mission in Malaysia is a tripartite affair involving the De La Salle Brothers of the Penang District, the alumni from the Brothers' Schools and Lay Partners/Associates. Various projects have been implemented, among which are:

1. Yayasan De La Salle
A Foundation whose main aim is to raise and administer funds so as to provide assistance, financial or otherwise to the needy and deserving students for their undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies.

2. La Salle Centre, Ipoh
The Centre runs annual programmes to pass on Lasallian traditions and Spirit to student leaders and teachers by means of:
            a) the Lasallian Youth Convention for student leaders.
            b) Lasallian Educators Conference for teachers.

3. Asrama Butitin, Nabawan, Sabah
A hostel run by the Brothers for underprivileged  boys and girls in rural areas to enable them to attend school regularly. It is funded by donations with sponsorship  programmes that cover the cost of the children’s stay at the hostel for one year.

4  Kuching Lasallian Foundation
Established by the Brothers and the alumni of Lasallian Schools in Sarawak, it focuses on the setting up of tuition centres in as many kampungs (villages) as possible to improve education at the primary school level.

5  La Salle Learning Centre, Penang
A centre for slow learners started by a Brother. It focuses on the educationally & socio-economically deprived children. No fees are charged. Therefore, it is entirely dependent on donations. More projects are being planned and consequently, more volunteers and funds are needed to ensure the continuous operations of the projects

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